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Author:  Angry Sephardic Guy
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Date:  8/22/2004 3:07:00 PM
Subject:  CYA and Sephardim
Message:  What kind of Sephardi is CYA? He says "Shabbos", "kashrus", etc., and now he implies that Sephardic rabbis are less sensitive:

"I think you should publicize the name of this rabbi, especially if he is Sephardic."

What's that supposed to mean?
Reply:  Don't be angry. Anger is a bad habit. It says in Sifrei Mussar, that if a person knows that something will get him angry, he should avoid it. Please take us out of your life. It would be a safek issur of "Lifnei Iver Lo Titein Michshol" for us. However, I have a sneaky suspicion, you are not an angry person, just trying to make a point. Point well taken. Let me respond.

If spelling is what makes someone Sephard, then I guess I'm a mixed breed. Just for curiosity sake, go check out the Deal and Brooklyn Kollels and tell me how some of them talk.

Yes, the Rabbis have a tendency to be machmir even in cases where they don't have to. Why do some Rabbis feel the urge to out-Ashenaz the Ashkenazi Rabbis. We have our Rabbis they have their Rabbis. Why do we need to follow theirs and ours L'chumra.
Why do we tell people, who don't dress modestly at all, that they should only eat with an Ashkenazi Hashgacha on Pesah. Maybe, we should teach them Hilchos Tzniut, which is more important according to all. Why do some therapists in the Separdi community, say that Pesah is the busiest time of year. Pesah is a Holiday to enjoy, not to cringe just at the thought of it.
I hope I explained myself clearly. You seemed to have been confused as to what I said in the post titled "Chumrot (dairy)".

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