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Author:  Arnold S.
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Date:  8/19/2004 8:08:00 PM
Subject:  Hair Covering and Mourning
Message:  1) Is a married woman who doesn't cover her hair considered a mumar/mumeres, since she systematically neglects a mitzvah?

2) If one's married relative doesn't cover her hair, does one sit shiva for her when she dies (based on the Rama in Y"D that we do not mourn for people who regularly violate a mitzva/mitzvos)?
Reply:  1.no
2. yes
These women that don't cover their hair, we must judge them favorably, that they think hair covering is only a chumra. Take a look at the many women who are considered Shomrei Torah U mitzvos, but don't cover their hair. Surely, it is a Mitzva to educate them on this Mitzva and any other Mitzva that others are lax in. BUT, only if you feel you can do it correctly.

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