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Author:  Jeremie
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Date:  8/19/2004 4:02:00 PM
Subject:  Lubavitcher Rebber and the Ramhal
Message:  I am told that the Lubavitcher Rebbe would be a direct descendant of the Ram`hal, who is known to be a descendant of Rashi, himself a descendant of David haMelekh. Do you know about this ?
Reply:  What is the difference? He has passed on already.

The Ramba"m says that Rabbi Akiva finally realized that Bar Kochba was not the Moshiach when he died. CASE CLOSED

We can't pick and choose our Ramba"ms....

It is a shame that this obsession is causing such chaos and confusion. Choosing a Moshiach is not a democratic process. Who has the nerve to decide who God should send as Moshiach? What? Is this whole thing a game?

The Gemara says that the biggest obstacle in getting Moshiach is the waiting for Moshiach. This means that sitting around waiting for Moshiach is causing him not to come. We should go on with our lives and do what we are supposed to do. Not stop everything because Moshiach is here. Let us get a shot of reality and snap out of it!

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