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Author:  t
E-mail:  tikva68@yahoo.com
Date:  8/18/2004 10:09:00 PM
Subject:  children
Message:  i was just reading a post about brothers not touching sisters....
i suppose my 13 year old son should not touch my 12 year old daughter?
to what extent are they not to touch, etc...??

thank you!
Reply:  Kissing, hugging, shaking hands is not permitted.

Helping her up if she falls, handing things to each other, or any non-social types of touching is OK.

I am impressed that you care!

This is hard for many people, but so is keeping Shabbat. As a matter of fact keeping Shabbat is much harder. We got used to keeping Shabbat, so we don't see the comparison. Many of us grew up thinking touching any relatives is OK. Thius is often in the frumest (most religious style) homes in our communities.

Well, guess what! Religion is based on God's commands, not on a social behavior of any specific group. You open the book and see what it says and you follow.

This type of irrational talk causes me to be ridiculed by the "holy black hat" culture, because although they dress the dress, walk the walk, and talk the talk, they often transgress laws like this. Now who do I think I am to criticize their lifestyle? I don't even wear a hat by Davening (Praying). What a Shaigetz!

Most people just live a lifestyle and it is easy to keep MItzvot that fit into that lifestyle. The real Judaism is to follow God's Laws in any area, especially when it is contrary to your will, and contrary to your upbringing.

You can go to any wedding today and see everyone kissing aunts, uncles, and of course brothers and sisters. Black hat and all. Yet, an elderly woman tries to get down a flight of stairs and everyone runs for the hills.

Oops! You got it backwards. You can help the woman down the stairs, but the other stuff? No way.

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