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Author:  freddie
E-mail:  freddie@jfranco.com
Date:  8/16/2004 11:25:00 AM
Subject:  niddah
Message:  hi rabbi
can you please either answer the following question or correct me if i am wrong
in our days it appers that a niddah is based on rabbinacal laws and not torah laws ,being that a women does not get her period on definite times and that there are no sensation prior to her period ,and there is no way of telling if shes niddah or zevah if that is the case is it fare to say that waiting an additional 7 clean days is a shevout ,shevout and en gozrim , because our concern is that maybe shes a zevah and benot yisrael are strict on themselfs which is rabbinacal in itself
hope i made my self clear ,this has been bothering me for some time
thank you
Reply:  Freddie

I respect your outlook, and I am impressed that you are prepared to take on, to question, organized Jewish values. However, the reality is that we do have Nidah DeOraita (from the Torah) today, too. Let me explain....

Nidah is a Biblical prohibition on a woman who gets her period to have relations with her husband.

To qualify as a Nidah a woman must have felt the discharge of blood even before it leaves her body. This is not common.

However, there are two ways she can be a Niddah from the Torah.
1) If she sees a sufficient quantity of blood to confirm that she certainly got her period. Then we assume that there was a discharge feeling, but she does not know what it is. This assumption makes it 100% Niddah from the Torah. This is our normal woman every time she gets her period. There is no requirement for it to be on a schedule.

The Zavah period is only for a very limited window, which is usually not the circumstances.

2) If she sees blood from an internal examination.

The other cases are usually Rabbinical decrees. These Rabbinical Decrees are not to be played with. Rabbinical Decrees are an integral part of our Torah. They are actually required by the Torah for the Rabbis to keep their eyes on the Jewish community and when necessary create decrees that will prevent them from falling in certain areas. When a decree is set, it is law.


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