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Author:  pf
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Date:  8/5/2004 11:57:00 PM
Subject:  bacon bagels
Message:          In response to David you wrote:
<What is a "bacon bagel?" If we were at war there are opinions that would allow us to eat Bacon Bagels themselves. Yehoshua when he went into Eretz Yisrael to capture it, he ate what he wanted from the non-Jews refrigerators or wherever they kept their beef jerky. Even pork.>
        Please clarify what the connection is between the heter of a time of war ( I assume that you were referring to the Gemara in Chullin on Daf 17a) and David's question. After all, I don't think that you meant to permit pork today.

Reply:  I was just bringing up the Gemara in Chulin. Not, God forbid, allowing pork. Everybody, CHILL!
Lighten up. You only live 4 times or so!

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