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Author:  einaiyisroel
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Date:  8/5/2004 11:50:00 PM
Subject:  tinok shenishba
Message:  Rabbi
The Chozon Ish (y.d.-siman 4) rules that today that we don't know how to give tochocho all rashaim including apicorsim have a din of tinok shenishba and anusim He bases it on the Rambam(about the students of karaim) and the Chofetz Chaim at the end of ahavat chesed.
Is your Father arguing with this Chazon Ish?
Reply:  Who says we don't know how to give Tochocha (to properly scold someone) today?
I do it every day!

Here is your share.....

You quoted a Chazon Ish without looking it up inside. If you looked it up, you would know that it is not in Siman #4, but rather in Siman #2. You would also have realized that these Simanim are huge and you would have told us what Seif it was in, which is #28. Now he said what he said to clarify that although a real 100% "Mumar" does not require Yibum, he was not ready to allow a woman to skip Chaliza on that basis.

However, if you will kindly refer to the Chazon Ish in Hilchot Eiruvin Orach Chaim Siman #87 (23) Seif #14, you will see the true criteria of a Tinok Shenishbah. Sorry, no freebees. Everyone is going to be held responsible for their actions. Today's society knows its history and knows that Jews followed a religion. They know that they are Jewish. They know that their parents kept these rules. They know that their generation(s) is modifying the rules. Whatever the excuse. That wouldn't be Tinok Shenishbah. Look it up. I gave you a real address. As for the Chafetz Chaim, look up the Mishneh Berura #385 Seif Katan #1 & the Sha"Tz on it.

I think this global warming is frying our brains....

From this point and forward, you are not a Tinok Shenishbah. If you want to bring a proof from a sefer to debate an issue, or to argue with someone, have the courtesy of looking into it a little. Or....leave it alone. Look back at your statement above. Did you really say that?! You didn't look it up?

Now, you said no one can give Tochacha today. I just did!

Alright! Chill out! It's the internet. I don't know who you are. None of the other surfers know who you are. We are having fun here. Let's not get all worked up.

In reality, we are all Tinok Shenishbahs. We were captured and kidnapped by these scary gangs with dark clothes and black hats, forcing some strange cult-like rituals on us.......

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