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Author:  Joey
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Date:  8/5/2004 10:51:00 AM
Subject:  re: tinok shenishba
Message:  I have a question though on your svara that teh Rambam holds karrites to be tinokos shenishba bc they only had a faulty mesora, while reform followers would not be bc they essentially disregard torah altogether. As you stated in an earlier post, the reason we hold reform Jews at fault is because they failed to investigate religion, and therefor did not arrive the rational truth of orthodox Judaism. Why shouldnt the same hold true for the kaarites? Should they not have investigated and arrived at the conclusions of Orthodox Judaism? If following out mesorah is the one rational path, then they should be at fault for not having arrived at it, similar to the reform followers. If on the other hand, their mesorah is just as rational as ours, thats even more problematic- bc then how do we know whos right at all?? Maybe they have the true mesorah
Either way you go, I have a probem

Thank you
Reply:  You are not repeating what I said exactly, but let's forget that.

Technically, a person can be a "Tinok Shenishbah" in any type situation, if he was completely fooled or brainwashed into something. The issue is the reality of it. The reality of Kaaraim in certain generations was that they were complete Oness or Tinok Shenishbah. The reality of today's majority is not that way. Look into the Chazon Ish and you'll see the criteria for yourself.

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