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Author:  einaiyisroel
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Date:  8/3/2004 9:23:00 PM
Subject:  tinok shenishba
Message:  doesn't the rambam rule that the students of the zedukim and other heretical groups have a din of tinok shenishba? why are the followers of reform any different? They could also have learned the truth from the true Torah Sages, and yet the Rambam considers them "anusim"-both students and children of the original heretical leaders.
Reply:  Tzedukim have a Mesora that contrasts our Mesora. Their parents cut the chain, but they were fooled. They can be keeping their version of the Mitzvot better than anyone you know. They think that they're doing the right thing.

Reform Jews and for that matter, Conservative and Orthodox who do not keep all the Mitzvot cannot use that excuse, because they know the true Torah, and they know that they are not keeping it fully. They know that a few generations ago the people did keep it. It isn't as much of a belief or Mesora, but rather a relaxation of the laws clearly done within the recent centuries that is against the Torah.

Now you couldn't realize that. Do I gotta think for you too?!

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