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Author:  mwolff
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Date:  8/2/2004 10:20:00 AM
Subject:  tinok shenishba
Message:  You had written that ' Tinuk Shenishbah must not know that he is Jewish or not know that there are a batch of laws he is required to follow.Anyone with access to a TV knows that Jews have a set of laws. Thus if he knows he is Jewish, he is not a "Tinok Shenishbah." (a child in captivity)'

Does that mean that if someone was brought up in a conservative or reform environment, and was taught that the set of laws we have was invented by some rabbis but it can be changed, he is supposed to know that this is not true and that Torah is Mi'Sinai ?

Reply:  And he didn't know that there are those wacko religious orthodox Jews???? He should have checked out the real truth.

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