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Author:  sweda
E-mail:  swq@aol.com
Date:  8/1/2004 3:50:00 AM
Subject:  prayer
Message:  I printed out many of your answers and showed them to a Rabbi. He said that CYA is a rabbi that can be relied upon but that AA makes too many mistakes and is not a real rabbi. He said that AA's ruling on shma and no tefilla betzibur is very wrong and his smicha should be removed if he really had one..
Reply:  Have your Rabbi look at the Gr"a in Shulchan Aruch Orach Chaim #46 at the end. Then he can look at the Mishneh Berura #58:5.

Then he should find out if they really had Semicha, and if they did, he should arrange to remove it.

As I have always clarified, any and all Laws written here by AA, CYA, or YA, all come from our father.

Many Rabbis today just know the laws that they grew up with. Anything that differs from what they knew as a child is not acceptable. If that was the right way, then why must we learn Torah? Just stick to what we know from childhood. Of course that is not the right way. We need to learn in order to know, and at times we will find new things even when we are 90 years old.

This so-called Rabbi that you quoted was comfortable to discount everything I say without even looking into it. Clearly the GR"a says like what I posted, and the Mishneh Berurah concurs. My father is the one that told me this originally.

Please go to your Rabbi and tell him in my name that I will not forgive him until he contacts me personally, and apologizes, and explains why he felt that he can make such statements without studying the Halachah thoroughly and without asking me or talking to me. This is a classic example of "Motzie Shem Raa," and he has transgressed the following sins plus many others:

All the several sins of Lashon Harah (see Chafetz Chaim)

Additionally the stricter category of Motzie Shem Raa.

Medvar Sheker Tirchak.

Al Tehi KeKorach...

This is all there in Sefer Chafetz Chaim. Have him learn it. Then let him contact me & we can discuss it. Don't forget, we are less than two months away from Yom Kippur. Time is of the essence.

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