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Author:  Frederic Nataf
E-mail:  f_nataf@lycos.com
Date:  7/29/2004 4:03:00 PM
Subject:  Cheder yichud
Message:  "Is there any heter for the common practice for the Bride not to cover her hair after heder Yichud?

Reply: That minhag is practiced by many. It is 100% ok."

Can you please provide a halakhic basis to this practice?

Isn't the bride afrter yichud a "nesua" and obligated according to all opinions to cover her hair?

Reply: She is a nesua not a beula.

I'm assuming your source for this is a diyuk in the Shulkhan arukh ( OH 75 :2) am I correct?

Can I infer that a never married girl that is a beula is required of kissuy rosh?

Or does she also have to be a nesua on top of being a beula ?

Can you please provide explicit sources for the option you feel is correct?

Reply:  Nope, my source is the author of the Ohr Yitzchok. No, you cannot infer, brcause she has to be a nesua also.

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