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Author:  Avi
E-mail:  confused.10.feh@xoxy.net
Date:  7/29/2004 1:32:00 AM
Subject:  9 b'Av Deodorant OK?
Message:  >Subject: Deodorant on tisha b'av
>Message: Is one allowed to wear stick deodorant
>Reply: Any Deodorant is OK

Kvod HaRav,

R. Abadi writes in Ohr Yitzchak (Siman 223, page 255) that deodorant (?roll-on, ? stick) is assur to use on 9 b'Av because of sicha.

Is there a change in the Rav's psak?


Reply:  Yes. Same goes for Yom Kippur
The details will be in his next Sefer

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