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Author:  upsherin
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Date:  7/28/2004 11:19:00 PM
Subject:  upsherin
Message:  Kvod Harav, The Arizal Hakadosh would bring his son on Lag Bomer to the kever of the Rashbi and cut his hair there, as is brought in Shar Hakvanot. (brought in the Sharei Teshuva hilchos chol hamoed 531:7)Also, Hagon R' Yachya Tzalach ztl writes that the upsherin is a seodat mitzvah(in his teshovot "Peoolas Tzadik" vol.3:236) This minhag is also brought by Mahari Tzemach ztl in his sefer Lechem Min Hashamayim(quoted in "Brit Kehunah" minhagi Tunisian-Jews). Also brought down by Hagon R' Chaim Saaton ztl(in his sefer Ertz Chaim). Also by Hagon R' Yona Navon ztl(in his teshvot Nechpa Bakesef )The Achronim bring a "smach" to this minhag from the medrash in Kedoshim (19:26) For more on the topic look in Teshovot Yechave Daas (vol 5:35) from Maran R' Ovadya shlita. Just to end off, writes R' Chaim Vital ztl that the reason why he wrote this whole story with his Rebbi to show that there is a "shoresh to the minhag". P.S. keep up the good work.
Reply:  There is this other custom that is almost completely lost. It is studying Torah & keeping Mitzvot.

If we reduced it to a foreign custom, people might keep them.

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