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Author:  Renee
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Date:  7/28/2004 1:48:00 PM
Subject:  9th of Av
Message:  Regarding the Expulsion from Spain, I am told that the computerized programs that are used to determine the Hebrew date in relation to the English calendar date, fail to take into account the calendar adjustments in the years 1600 and 1800 and therefore are inaccurate with regard to the Hebrew date of the Expulsion.

Scholarly accounts all attest to the fact that the Expulsion occurred on Tisha B'Av, a date intentionally chosen by the king and queen of Spain to further demoralize our people. Both the king and queen had Jewish ancestry and the Inquisition itself was full of formerly Jewish leadership.

Certainly the fact that it was Tisha B'Av, the Black Fast, would not have been lost on those who chose to give up everything they had to walk into the Portuguese, Italian or North African frontiers, penniless with only the clothing on their backs.Those who walked, who crowded unseaworthy ships in the ports and who died by the thousands rather than profess allegiance (even in name) to an alien god did not lose sight of the timing of the Jewish calendar.

Spain, the "Jerusalem of the West", the repository of the world's Torah scholarship and culture at the time was being pillaged of its Jews. To those who suffered the disease, starvation, rapes, robbery, and violence it was a re-enactment of the destruction of the First and Second Temples, courtesy of Torquemada, himself a born Jew.

I refer everyone to "Valley of Tears" (Emek Ha'ba'acha) by Don Yoseph Ha-Kohen.
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