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Author:  Yair Hoffman
E-mail:  vze37jka@verizon.net
Date:  7/28/2004 6:15:00 AM
Subject:  Yosipun versus Josephus
Message:  Aharon,

Yosifun was a rishon. He lived much after the Talmud. He wrote of the events based upon the history of Flavius Josephus. Josephus was a traitor to the Jewish people, in that he assisted the Romans in capturing the fort that he had previously designed defenses for. You have confused Yosifun with Josephus. This is a common error for people who were educated in Lakewood and not Gamla High School for Girls. Rabbi Shimon Eider makes the same mistake in his three weeks book.

Gamla High School is an accredited High School

The Second destruction was on Tisha Be'Av as testified to by Sefer Yosifun. He was there at the time....

He never learned that Sefer. How could he have known. The Talmud did learn that Sefer.

Let us not be so egotistical in assuming that we know more than they did before us. It is OK to question, to ask, to wonder. It is not OK to make bold statements contradicting or questioning the validity of our Talmud.

This guy doesn't know that, because he is excited to hear that he is not the only one that doesn't trust our Rabbis of the Talmud.

Reply:  Keep R' Eider out of this.

Gamla? Is that a female camel?

In regards to Yosifun, your info is not correct.

Rashi quotes him in many places. one example is Daniel #8:21

Tosafot quotes him in Avoda Zara 10B D"H Kol Nesiehah

If you ever read the Sefer, you would know that your info is not correct. Yosifun is Yosef Ben Gurion. His book is a narration of the history before him, followed by an account of his own time that includes his first hand experiences under the King Titus who destroyed our second Temple. It includes the exact details of that destruction. The Ramba"n suggests that some of his statements that are a bit pro Titus are questionable, since Titus was his captor and he was obliged to say certain things to remain alive.

It is amazing how many opinions are formed about this book without even seeing it.


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