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Author:  joseph jonas
E-mail:  jo
Date:  7/27/2004 2:29:00 PM
Subject:  9 Av
Message:  ::Kefirah! Everyone knows better than our Talmidei Chachamim. This idiot knows more than our Talmud?! Look how he questions its validity.::

You clearly have not read it. There is ABSOLUTELY no kfirah there (unless it is kfirah to say that the expulsion from Spain was not on Tbav)

You own me an appology. You owe your readers an appology. And you shouldn't shoot from the hip, and blast things you have not read.
Reply:  "There are no biblical sources for the remaining three events, and hazal do not even ask the question minalan - from where do we know this - for the final event. For the second hurban the Gemara simple states that we "roll over" positive events to positive days and negative events to negative days and for Beitar the Gemara simply says that it's a "gemara" or tradition..."

This is just a touch of the speech given there. I did read it. Maybe this guy did not understand it. It questions the validity of the things written in our Talmud and in other real sources. It is saying that the Talmud barely had much of a backing to its statement. Then later he tries to explain on behalf of the Talmud that maybe they were so near to the time and didn't feel the need to prove it.   This idiot's quest would not have succeeded had he not found fault in our Rabbis.

The Second destruction was on Tisha Be'Av as testified to by Sefer Yosifun. He was there at the time....

He never learned that Sefer. How could he have known. The Talmud did learn that Sefer.

Let us not be so egotistical in assuming that we know more than they did before us. It is OK to question, to ask, to wonder. It is not OK to make bold statements contradicting or questioning the validity of our Talmud.

This guy doesn't know that, because he is excited to hear that he is not the only one that doesn't trust our Rabbis of the Talmud.


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