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Author:  Alexander mogilny
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Date:  7/27/2004 10:56:00 AM
Subject:  9 AV
Message:  Apparently NOTHING happened on Tisha Ba'av. Not the churban, not the crusades, not the expulsions, not world war II.

The proof is here: http://www...........

Wow. I feel cheated.

Reply:  Are you one of those fellows that thinks that if it says it on the internet, it must be accurate?

Why believe anything they feed you? Why trust some guy on some website, rather than our Mishnayot and Gemara (Talmud)?

It is the Kefirah like this that causes these types of punishments in the first place.

The following happened on Tisha Be'Av:

> The Jews that were in the desert were decreed to die in the desert and only their children, the Tribe of Levi, and a select few were allowed to go into the land of Israel. This was upon the return of the Meraglim, the spies sent into Kenaan.

> The first Temple was set on fire on Tisha Be'Av in the afternoon. The enemy partied and sinned in the Temple on the seventh, eighth, and ninth of Av. By the afternoon of the ninth they set the fire that burned the Temple down, and this fire continued through the tenth day of Av. The Talmud explains that the start of the fire is the correct time to set an annual period of mourning and a fast day.

> The second Temple was also destroyed on Tisha Be'Av. (Yosifun Perek #94)

> Several years after the destruction of the second Temple a large number of Jews lived in the city of Beitar under the leadership and monarchy of Bar Kochba, who had declared himself the Messiah. They fought the Romans and won for years, until after 3 years, on Tisha Be'Av, the city was captured. The Romans killed hundreds of thousands of people in addition to those killed at the destruction of the Temple years earlier in Jerusalem.

> After the destruction of the second Temple, the entire City of Jerusalem was plowed and reduced to rubble on Tisha Be'Av, and it remained this way for many years.

(all the above in Taanit 29A)

Now, this is a time for us to reflect on what our sins have caused and to set our minds and our will to stop this vicious cycle and begin following God's will, the laws of the Torah, and then we can get out of this mess.

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