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Author:  HaDaR
E-mail:  HaDaR-Israel@barak-online.net
Date:  7/25/2004 9:43:00 PM
Subject:  Techelet (correct version)
Message:  You dismissed rather "briskly" the issue of techeleth...

May be you can take a look at Rav Chaim Twersky's wriring at http://www.tekhelet.com/pub.htm and the site itself... There were many discoveries made, both in archeology (like an ancient techeleth factory) and scientifically (the discovery of the influence of sun light in the processing that puts in TOTAL agreement RaMba"M and the different Talmudic descriptions of how the techeleth looks)

Things are not stuck in time...we arre not talking of the Radzine Chassidim here... We are talking about rabbis and scientists... Check the issue at http://www.tekhelet.com there is a very interesting movie too (for the "passive" learners)

The psaq of rav Elyashiv, saying that while he does not endorse he ceratinly does not dismiss, is also interesting...

And, may be, in general, we should try to go slowly in dismissing a Mitswath Asse' min ha-Torah on the base of aggadoth...and EVEN in the Ghemara there is PLENTY of haggadic material...

BEISDES, how can one say "...ur`ithem otho`..." believeing that it is referred to the tsitsith (a FEMININE WORD) and not to pethil (techeleth) a MASCULINE word?...

Be`ahavath Israel
Reply:  It doesn't start to address the basic requirements.

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