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Author:  J
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Date:  7/24/2004 6:40:00 PM
Subject:  Mezzuzot and shvi'it
Message:  Dear Rabbi
i recently moved into a rented apt and there are mezuzot up already. do i need to check them? or should i put up my own since i just got new ones (from R. Abadi)? If i put up new ones, when my lease is up, can i take mine down and just replace the old ones?
wine that has kedushat shevi'it...what are the halachot concerning its use? i once learned that it must all be consumed or something like that. could you remind me of how to treat it.
Reply:  1) Put up the new ones.

2) If the old ones seems Kosher, you can switch them. If you want, you can ask the next tenant to pay for them.

3) Where do you buy wine with Kedushat Sheviit?

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