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Author:  me
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Date:  7/23/2004 4:13:00 PM
Subject:  "Reb" Shlomo
Message:  >Everybody knows that Reb Shlomo recieved
>Smicha from Rav Hutner.
>by the way, half of your rabbeim in yeshiva
>growing up never had smicha but you still called
>em rabbi!
>Unlike many rabbis who are full of themselves,
>shlomo never requested to be called rabbi and
>allways told poeple to just call him shlomo.

I made some inquiries on this matter. My understanding is that Rav Huntner gave Shlomo Carlebach's cousin (who has the same name Shlomo Carlebach but unlike his cousin stayed on the derech). When Carlebach was leaving Lakewood to Lubavitch, the Lubavitch Rebbe told Carlebach not to see him again utill he had obtained his smicha. My understanding is that Rav Aaron Kotler at the time gave Cablebach Smicha. Rav Kotler revoked this Smicha a few years later as Carlebach had gone far off the derech.

I don't believe this Shlomo Carlebach ever had smicha from Rav Hutner or Lubavitch (despite the rumours and stories). I think the Rav Hutner story originated with confusion over the two Shlomo Carlebachs.

If anyone could clarify this further, I would appreciate it. I think it's important to be factually accurate as there are people going around representing themselves as Rabbis claiming they have smicha from Carlebach.
Reply:  Thank you

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