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Author:  eitan
E-mail:  eitmin@yahoo.com
Date:  7/23/2004 1:06:00 PM
Subject:  question and G-d
Message:  How do I answer a child that is asking me if Hashem has feet, hands, eyes, etc.?
Reply:  How old is the child?

If under 10, tell him/her that Hashem lives high in the sky, so I never saw him, but he is not a person.

If old enough, explain that God is not physical, since physical things are created, and God is a Creator. Physical things are limited and God is not and cannot be limited. It would be impossible for us to thoroughly comprehend what God looks like, since we are of a physical form, just like a cow can't comprehend a human. For a better understanding, why not decribe to me what a "soul" looks like. WE know their is such a thing. We see a live person, jumping around, walking, talking, thinking, eating, sleeping, cursing, whatever... Then Bam! someone shoots him, he lays dead on the ground, like a big slab of meat. This soul is gone. What is this soul? Does it have hands or feet?
I don't know. All that I know is that it exists, it is a spiritual entity, and it is very real.

The same is my understanding of God. He exists, he must have been here forever, will be here forever, is not limited, is the one and only. All power is from him. He is not male nor female, He is the Creator. And so on...

What he looks like? No idea!

He spoke to our ancestors directly, as testified in the Torah that they, our ancestors, passed down through the generations. He gave them the Torah, it's rules, and the unwritten Torah that was ultimately written, the Talmud. This is the requirements and laws he gave to us and expects us to keep. The rest is our job....

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