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Author:  Stuart
E-mail:  stu_welk@hotmail.com
Date:  7/23/2004 8:58:00 AM
Subject:  checking ingredients 2
Message:  Thanks for the response to my question but I may not have been clear as to what I want to know...

I'm less concerned regarding simple items like bamboo chutes and baby corn but more concerned with goods that are more "processed.

For example, if I gave you a list of ingredients in an American made cookie, you may say it's kosher since it contains nothing objectionable. Your answer would be based upon the ingredients PLUS FDA standards and fear of lawsuits.

Would the same be true if it were made in India or or China or Korea or Japan or Argentina or Chile or (get my drift?) any other country and sold in a limited distribution market (some local grocery stores in Queens)? I mention the limited distribution market suggesting that fear of FDA/lawsuit may not be so great.


Reply:  Give an example of an item in question. Fruits made in Chile don't have risk of animal fat, since they make it to sell, not to upset people. Additionally, if the importer is a reasonably legitimate company, he will not risk inaccurate labels.

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