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Author:  Anonymous
E-mail:  anonymus@anonymous.com
Date:  7/21/2004 10:34:00 PM
Subject:  My Heresy Posts
Message:  Dear Rabbi,

I only post this for the benefit of the Jewish people. The statements I have communicated regarding Chovevei Torah have been corroborated by students of the Yeshiva as well as others who have been involved with it on a first hand basis. I did not generate rumors for the purpose of discrediting YCT and I have no affiliation with any institution that is competing with YCT.

This Yeshiva represents a dangerous trend in the Modern Orthodox community. Reviewing my previous posts, I can see that everything I mentioned is 100% accurate, sadly, and confirmed by valid witnesses.

Please don't allow whitewashers, or those unaware of the entire story, to blind other Jews to this problem.
Reply:  Dear anonymous,
#1 why hide, you lose the message that way.
#2 I don't know why you feel so strongly about them. They don't hide their "agenda". Just don't support them! There other places out there with issues. Stick with your Rov and take it easy.

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