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Author:  Aric
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Date:  7/21/2004 3:51:00 PM
Subject:  Rager
Message:  Rager,

1. I never said that the upsherin, red string, and bonfire, were authentic Jewish customs...I just wanted to correct your mistaken point that they were brought into modern Jewish practice by the Hassidim. They adopted established customs that were adopted from Arab Muslims who I may point out are not pagan, idol-worshipers.

2. The lecture was very informative, can you provide me with the references of your quotes? I mean this in all honesty to learn more and am not being sarcastic. Rabbi Abadi has my e-mail address and can provide it to you for the purposes of sending me the sources (book titles, scholarly journal articles, Ph.D. disertations, etc.).

3. My name is spelled ARIC, not ARIK.

Thanks again to the Abadis and to all of our holy brothers and sisters who love one another regardless of our thoughts and practices...as Eli said that Rabbe Nachman said that the Torah said..."it's never too late"

With much love for Klal Yisrael and longing for the 3rd Beit HaMikdash,
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