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Author:  dovid
E-mail:  lmanshemo@aol.com
Date:  7/21/2004 9:24:00 AM
Subject:  the truth
Message:  Dear Abadi Brothers,
Let it be known. The truth how you feel so people are not confused and waste your preciouse time. When i first came to this website i felt you were atacking true torah values for many reasons. 1. alot of your posts(by readers) were hurtful and harmful to honest true torah jews. 2. your positions were sometimes vague and not clear. 3. you made fun of misinformed people and then answered the question in a sarcastic hurtful way. 4. and even answered question vaguely that might lead people to think you father is not a talmid chacham cas va shalom. (cause he is a big one to say the least).
Don't get me wrong i am now on your side regarding you must first master and follow every mitzvah before taking on any chumrot, people should not be afraid to be right, and there are issues in the yeshiva world that can be harmful (like thinking a white shirt and black hat are lachatchila and a blue shirt and grey hat is only bedieved).
Please let the readers understand that you don't think the ARIZAL and RAMCHAL were wrong but the they first completed and followed the whole shulchan aruch before going into kabblah and the chumrot of the ZOHAR.
You have brought clarity to me because i know you personaly but to others who don't see you learning all the time are in the dark. please try to answer your questions they way you truely feel with respect and sesitivity. I feel your great cause wil be better understood.
be well and have a good shabbos
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