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Author:  Aric
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Date:  7/20/2004 6:10:00 PM
Subject:  Sick World Rager
Message:  Not that I am defending Eli, but rager needs to get his history straight...upsherin was not Avoda Zara brought to Judaism by the Chassidim.

Upsherin's first written record in Rabbinic literature is in Sha'ar Hakavanot by Rav Haim Vital. There he writes that his teacher - the Ari Z'L cut his son's hair for the first time during his third year on Lag B' Omer...according to the well know custom.

As rager can see if he would just open a book - the custom was alive and "well known" long before the chassidim ever came into existence.

Just a bit of insight that not all that the Chassidim do is bad, they are Jews within the Jewish fold and should be loved accordingly. You don't have to agree with their Halachic or Minhagic stances, but at least check your facts before writing lies about a whole community.

I am a big fan of Rabbi Abadi, this website, and the fight he is leading to "de-chumrafy" Judaism. I have no gripe with the Abadi's, but take issue with Rager. He may want to check his facts about the red string and the bonfires...but those are for other posts.

Keep up the good work,
Reply:  we will continue to try

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