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Author:  sammy
E-mail:  s@avoidant.org
Date:  7/20/2004 11:30:00 AM
Subject:  Re: Jewish History & Anti-Torah Ideology
Message:  Lazer A wrote:

(It may be worth mentioning that the controversy regarding the change in nusach was not regarding the validity of the nusach itself, which was in wide use by many mekubalim including those outside of the Chassidic movement. That nusach, which comes from the Arizal, had been considered reserved for initiates to Kabbalah (including such non-Chasidim as Rav Noson Adler and, if my memory serves correctly, the mekubalim of the kloiz in Brody).

I must interject at this point and ask you to read Yalkut Yosef, Hilchot Tefillah. Start with about #38 or 39 or so. The Ari did NOT pray Nusah Sfard (Hassidic), he adopted the Nusah of the Sefaradim. R' Nosson Adler did not pray Nusah Sfard, he prayed in the Sefaradi Nusah. Many others as well, see YY there.

The Sefaradi Nusah is not reserved for initiates of kabbalah, it is, according to the kabbalists, appropriate and proper for every Jew in every place and time. Again, read Yalkut Yosef.

Nusah Sfard is not the same thing, nor is "Nusah Ari" (which the Ari never saw in his life). They are both deliberate corruptions of the nusah the Ari used, which was the same as that which modern-day Sefaradim use daily.

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