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Author:  matt
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Date:  7/19/2004 3:33:00 PM
Subject:  halav yisrael people eating at my house
Message:  hi. we have invited some baalei tshuva hassidishe friends to come over soon. we eat only vegetarian (and it may be in the 9 days still when they come,) so shehita issues are not important, but they also eat only halav yisrael, whereas we eat plain old hekshered cheese. i'd like to be able to cook for them. what (if anything) do i need to do? the kelim can easily be eynam bnei yomam, but re-kashering would, of course, be more difficult. in your reply (though i certainly trust your opinion,) would you mind letting me know what you think a hassidishe, lubavitch or "frummy" rabbi would say, if possible? thanks very much.
Reply:  They have their own Laws. Thank God, I don't know them.

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