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Author:  Hiding out on an island in the bay
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Date:  7/19/2004 2:35:00 PM
Subject:  For Eli
Message:  Dear Eli,

What a sick world you must live in. You bash the Abadis website which produces literally thousands and thousand of Jews everywhere who learn and are growing in their observance day and night. You say that yeshiva guys do nothing but learn and shteig all day, what about the "Rebbes" who tell these men to postpone marriage so they can learn and then bring prostitutes into the dorms on Friday nights instead? What about the yeshiva students who are arrested for credit card schemes or those who fraudulently collect assistance programs they are not entitled to or those who are involved in all the other kinds of shtick we are hearing far too much about recently?

Maybe in your yeshiva this is not the case but my husband has been told by a number of bachurim that this is the case in many "serious "yeshivos that only have a 2 week summer break and where the learning is practically non-stop. The biggest names are the roshei yeshiva in yeshivot where I have heard this happens and this is the yeshiva system they created and support. (What's a guy to do when he has no parnassa and his wife wants to live a comfortable life?)

Second, there is the chassidic world. If you knew Jewish history you would know that the chassidic movement has abandoned almost all halacha education and is producing young people who are totally unprepared to live in America or anywhere else as observant Jews (just today I was cruising askmoses.com and an answer to a post as to why Hasidim wear black was answered that it is because it is HALACHA to choose black clothing over other colours of clothing). I emailed asking for a source for that halacha, (maybe someone else can help meanwhile).

Even though amongst the Rebbes are some of the biggest tzaddikim who shape and affect Klal Yisrael in ways that you and I can ony imagine, many of the Chassidim have created a religion that boils down to what kind of hat, what kind of coat and what kind of head covering/stockings your wife wears. Buying a bag of rice, sugar or a piece of fish outside of Boro Park/Monsey/Monroe is completely beyond most of the under 60 set in these communities as they are completely uneducated in even the most basic concepts of kashrut or halacha.

And finally, if you knew from personal conversations that my husband and others close to us have had with the Lubavitcher Rebbe, the Amshinover Rebbe and other big Rebbes, the pain and anguish they had that Sholomo Carlebach, a man from a great family, a man with a great education, went off the derech so extremely, all in the name of "kiruv". If you knew the intense love that these rebbes had for Shlomo including the Bobover Rebbe, the Amshinover Rebbe (past and present) and many others, maybe you could understand the great pain that Sholomo caused the Chassidic world with some of his actions. I hope you will find a world with more of a positive outlook rather than this sick corner that you have painted yourself into.

My dear friend, you know what people think of your father, now that you have publicly insulted a Gadol Hador on this website. Afterall, we can either honor or insult the kavod of our parents with our public behaviour. (Even worse is what they will think of at least one of his kids.)

Rebbe Nachman stresses than ITS NEVER TOO LATE! you can change your demeanor and try to see things properly in a positive light, forget this negativity and learn to love am yisroel. its the only way to bring the geulah.
(lets see if you have the guts to think about it)

Chassidut does say that when we see negative character traits in others, we should look at ourselves first. Thank you for giving us all the opportunity to do so through your posting.

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