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Author:  Jason
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Date:  7/18/2004 10:24:00 PM
Subject:  Rabbi Abadi
Message:  A previous post stated "you know what people think of your father and even worse what they think of his kids..."

What do people think of Rabbi Abadi in the frum world? My understanding was that he is regarded as a tremendous talmid chacham and posek. Was he not THE posek in Lakewood for quite a while?

It is a shame that so-called "gedolim" that teach in today's yeshivos are so foolish as to cast aspersions on Rabbi Abadi. But it's equally a shame that those who know the truth have not come forward and used their "good reputations" to defend an amazing person who has done so much for the Jewish community.

I challenge this Chafetz Chaim robot to produce one legitimate criticism that has been levelled at Rabbi Abadi. If he can't do this, he is as full of BS as the so-called Gedolim he invokes?

Incidentally, does he fondle women? Reb Shlomo did! Does he daven Shacharis at 1 PM? The chassidim do!
Reply:  Thanks for your support, but chill. There a hundreds of these robots. Don't waste your time arguing with or convincing a robot.

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