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Author:  eli
E-mail:  efinman@consultant.com
Date:  7/18/2004 12:37:00 PM
Subject:  a sick world u live in
Message:  What a sick world you must live in. You bash the yeshiva world which produces literally thousands and thousand of bachurim who learn and are shteiging day and night. You say that yeshiva guys have 3 month summer breaks and roll in the beis at 10am. Maybe in your yeshivos this is the case but in Chofetz Chaim as well as all of the other many serious yeshivos we have a 2 week summer break and our learning is non-stop. The biggest gedolim are our roshei yeshiva and this is the yeshiva system they created and support.

Second,You bash the chassidic world. if you knew jewish history you would know that the chassidic movement saved almost all of european jewry, not to mention a vast majority of american judaism. Amongst the Rebbes are some of the biggest tzaddikim who shape and affect Klal Yisrael in ways that you and I can ony imagine.

And finally, if you knew from personal conversations with the biggest rebbes as i have merrited to speak to, the tremendous admiration and respect they had for Shlomo Carlebach, for the thousands of neshamos he was mekarev for the thousands of chassidim and yeshiva students who are chassidim and yeshivamen today becasue Shlomo was mekarev them. If you knew the intense love that these rebbes had for Shlomo including the Bobover Rebbe, the Amshinover Rebbe (past and present) and many others, maybe you could live in a world with more of a positive outlook rather than this sick corner that you have painted yourself into.

My dear friend, you know what people think of your father, and even worse what they think of his kids and this website. Rebbe Nachman stresses than ITS NEVER TOO LATE! you can change your demeanor and try to see things properly in a psoitive light, forget this negativity and learn to love am yisroel. its the only way to bring the geulah.
(lets see if u have the guts to post it)
Reply:  This website was created, because of my father's love of Jews, Judaism and Emes. He felt and feels that Jews are getting a raw deal, when being told Judaism's goal is to be as stringent as possible and to not enjoy life. That is the opposite of what Hashem wants. Dovid Hamelech says "Ivdu es Hashem B'simcha". Why has depression slipped into the frum world to an unbelievable extent. Why are woman having nervous breakdowns after babies are born. Why are we losing frum children from every part of the country.
If you can't handle that outlook, you should find another website to surf.

Out of curiosity, did the Bobover and Amshinover Rebbes, approve of his method of kiruv (sic) or they loved him because they loved all yiden.

The Rebbee Nachman was quoting the Torah. I'm glad he said it over, so that you know it now.

In reference to people's opinion, I'll stick with Kalev and Yehoshua (2 out of 600,000)and not follow the crowd.

(FYI - If you read through the site, it is obvious that we rarely delete posts - there are some that even you would be offended that a Jew can talk that way)


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