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Author:  AAAWWWW
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Date:  7/15/2004 2:49:00 AM
Subject:  BOYCOTT ........
Message:  A few weeks ago myself and a friend as well as the rest of the staff and customers witnessed one of the most digusting things we had ever seen in XXXXXXX on XXXXXX Road. The owner was upset at the manager for overpaying on potatos, he publicly humiliated the manager cursing him out, telling him he is worth nothing and using language that even the lowest of our society would never use, he did this in front of everyone in the restaurant and caused this man a death according to Halacha in his humiliation of this man. I feel that something MUST be done to eliminate this man from our midst or to atleast call for a public apology. This was the most disgusting and appauling behaivor I have ever witnessed and this establishment should no loger have a hashgacha because of the owners complete disregard for his fellow man, who knows how he conducts his kashrut observation.

Reply:  I'm with you, but until I can coroborate your story, it would be a problem for me to publicize it.

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