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Author:  marconi
E-mail:  marc@aol.com
Date:  7/14/2004 1:37:00 PM
Subject:  Pesach from Jerusalem
Message:  One of your writers named Pesach said:
"there is a lady who is religious but what we call a bit "modernish"."

Um, Peach, who are you to call anyone anything? What is wrong with you? Why the smug judgmental remarks? Don't you know anything about loshen hara or is kisui rosh the only part of judaism you practice?????

Reply:  Chill out!
Modernish just means she is living in the 21st century. He needed to say that so that you don't think he was talking about a lady in meah Shearim and then it would be a Motzi shem ra problem. If you think he meant something else by the word "modernish", then maybe you are jumping to comclusions.

Allow me to poke in here...
By Modernish he was pointing out that she was a borderline hair coverer who can be easily discouraged, as the facts showed us. On the other hand, a Meah She'arim woman would not have been affected in the same way.

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