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Author:  Asker
E-mail:  chazon@ish.org
Date:  7/8/2004 4:54:00 PM
Subject:  opinion of the chazon ish
Message:  If you look at the Chazon Ish you will see that my father follows him and shares the Chazon Ish's outlook and Halachic determinations on this issue.

In Yoreh Deah #167:10 the Chazon Ish expresses very clearly that the only problem with printing is that it is by machine and not done by hand. If it were done by hand, it would be like writing. Not only would he approve of silk screen, but he even allows printing, if done by hand, and not by machine, since you need the Koach (physical involvement) of a person.

I must admit that i have very limited noladge of this subject, however, i did not see any such proof in the Chazon Ish. The Chazon Ish states that the reason one may not use a printing press is that it is not Kocho. From what I understand of the subject is that the problem with silk-screening is that you dont do the maaseh kesivah, since you dont form the letters. However no one can say that there is no maaseh kesivah being done, just that it is not being done totally by you. It is being done by you together with the screen. Hence, the problom with silk screening is also that it is not totally kocho. Therefore i fail to understand where you see the Chazon Ish is infering that silk-screening is ok. Please reply as i woiuld like to gert a beeter understanding of this issue.
Reply:  You are mixing up Kocho, which refers to your direct physical effort, with Derech Kesiva or something...
Look it over completely.

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