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Author:  Pesach
E-mail:  pesach613@012.net.il
Date:  7/8/2004 4:39:00 PM
Subject:  no more shaitels
Message:  Hello Dear Rabbis!
I just wanted to tell you a story. In the place that I live in Holly city of Jerusalem, there is a lady who is religious but what we call a bit "modernish". She was covering her hair with a nice custom shaitel. Untill the whole balagan with the sheitels started. She took it off in order not to transgress "the issur of using of tikrovet to avodah zara", and as of now she is not covering her hair at all.
What a "shaitel kiddush haShem" don't you agree?
When the Master got upset at his flock he oppointed a blind sheperd.
Hopefully that lady will find the truth and follow it.
Reply:  Amen!

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