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Author:  Adam
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Date:  7/6/2004 6:18:00 PM
Subject:  Fasting
Message:  I understand minor fasts count. However under what conditions may one skip a minor fast. For example, I find it hard to work after 2pm on a fast. Yet my job requires my full attention everyday until 4pm. May I eat after 2pm?
What are the laws of shaving during the three weeks for those in the workplace? Nine days?
Finally what about showering and changing clothing during the nine days.
Thank you
Reply:  Minor fasts do count. If someone is a bit sick, or cannot fast well, they do not need to fast

From 2pm to 4pm wing it....

If you need to shave for work it is OK. The week of Tisha Be'Av we (Sephardim) refrain from haircuts and shaving. Even working Askenazim should try this.

Please shower every day at least once. Otherwise, it is a sin. Put on fresh clothing.

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