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Author:  counsler
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Date:  7/5/2004 11:33:00 AM
Subject:  shomer negiah
Message:  Hi, I am a counsler in a boys camp this summer and my campers are 15 years old. A lot of them were trying to argue with me that shomer negiah doesn't make sense always, i.e. if its someone that would never lead to anything. One of the kept on asking why it should be assur to kiss your aunt. I know you have many posts regarding this and I know the answer basically but it would be really helpful if you could send me some type of detailed explanation of the halachos that could answer all their tough questions. Would you be able to sned me something of the sort so that it would be easier for me to disprove them?
Reply:  Firstly, it is brought down in the Shulchan Aruch, Even Haezer, Siman 21.
Secondly, I would like to meet the person who guarantees that "would never lead to anything".
BUT, the reality is they know it is assur. They just don't understand. They think that they have to understand in order to do a Mitzva. One of the lessons two weeks ago of Para Aduma, was we don't always understand. They should ask those who made the same mistake they made and regret it. If you were always shomer negia you can't get the message across as well as a guy who has been there. They will not listen to you because you are naive etc.... and you just don't get it?!?
This attitude that we need to understand the Mitzvos to do them is a terrible attitude. There is nothing wrong with wanting to understand them, as long as that is not why we do the Mitzvos. We do Mitzvos because Hashem said so!

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