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E-mail:  an answer for gershon
Date:  7/2/2004 10:44:00 AM
Subject:  Nevuah
Message:  You know I have posted this 3 times, and seeing as how it is this weeks parsha, and a solution to gershon's problem, I don't know why you won't post it.

Let me try again:

Gershon quotes the RambaM (Maimon) saying that dumb people don't get nevuah. It's reserved for a chocham only.

So how does the RambaM understand Billam? He was not qualified to be a navi under the Rambam's definition; nontheless the torah says that god spoke through him.

The RambaN (Nach) has the answer. Nach says that Billam definately was not a true prophet, but Hashem allowed him to function as a navi one time only because it would benefit Israel. He wasn't a true Navi, but god used him to make a point, in the same way that God used the donkey to make apoint.

Neither the donkey nor billam were true Niviim; but occasionally, for the sake of Israel, god allows an ordinary person to function as if he was a navi.

that's poshut in the RambaN (nach)
Reply:  Let's drop the subject. Sorry, but people have real serious Halachic issues, and this becomes a distraction. It doesn't make a difference to us.

Incidentally, you say " Billam? He was not qualified to be a navi..."
how do you prove that? How can we discuss things in the air without facts, proof, etc...? Bilaam was technically good or could have been good until a certain point in the Balak story.

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