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Author:  Anonymous
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Date:  7/1/2004 3:20:00 PM
Subject:  Yeshivat Chovevei Torah
Message:  There was a very balanced and informative article written in Yeshiva University's student newspaper on the YU/YCT split.

The article can be found here:

Also see the response of R. Nati Helfgot, chair of YCT's Tanakh and Machshava Departments.

The response can be found here:

Also see R. David Berger's critical review in "Tradition," The Rabbinical Council of America's journal of Orthodox Jewish Thought (Summer 1999) of "Must a Jew Believe Anything," a book by Prof. Menachem Kellner, who is for the most part in agreement with Prof. Marc Shapiro's approach to the Rambam's 13 ikkarim.
Reply:  Interesting stuff!

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