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Author:  Joseph Mosseri
E-mail:  joseph.mosseri@verizon.net
Date:  7/1/2004 8:25:00 AM
Subject:  Elecricity on yomTob
Message:  What is Rabbi Abadi's position on turning electricity on and/or off on Yom Tob?
Is it permissible? Under what circumstances?
Does it apply to lights only or to other electric appliances like toaster ovens, microwave, fans, air conditioners, etc...
This is a very important topic and it seems that most modern day posqim try to shy away from giving a true answer and explanation. I'm sure Rabbi Abadi can shed some light on the issue.
Thank you,
Joseph Mosseri
Reply:  "Adayin tzarich iyun" direct quote from my father

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