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Author:  mvakeishhaemes
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Date:  6/29/2004 8:10:00 PM
Subject:  re:no more patience
Message:  that was quite a powerful letter.was that AA or was that the opinion of R. Abadi? Did Rabbi Abadi see that letter ?does he approve of it on this site? what should one do if he feels his rebbe is incorrect? how do we define rebbe ?can one change his rebbe? Correct me if im wrong but these people seem to hold it is assur to do silk screening so that would make those who hold differently a chotei umachtei is that correct? and what do you have against their yeshivos its not theirs its klal yisroels we all benefit from it and your father did to? these questions are not meant to be asked in a derogatory fashion and if it seems to be somewhat chutzpadik please be mochel i truly am seeking answers.
Reply:  What do you do if your opinion differs from your Rebbi? You keep your mouth shut. That is what you do.
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