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Author:  Digging
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Date:  6/29/2004 1:23:00 PM
Subject:  Mikvot
Message:  I have had the zechut to take many women to the mikveh for the first time. There is no excuse for what goes on in most American cities. I do believe that many of those in charge of public mikvot believe that if a woman who does not cover her hair or who drives on Shabbat uses their mikveh, it will pollute it.

I recently spoke with a Rabbi from Buenos Aires and he told me that he does not understand the big deal with mikvot here in America. In South America it is not safe for women to go out at night, he tells me and every apartment building has its own mikveh.

These mikvot are basically fiberglass shower stalls with a ladder up and a ladder down. Some are better with steps up and steps down, but the smallest costs $1000 new and can be installed in a closet.

My husband immersed in one of the stall ones and said it was fine (he was 6'3", 250 at the time).

Anyway, this Rabbi told me that there is also a prefab "baptistry" is on the market that meets
(according to him) all of the criteria of a kosher mikveh, it is portable
(empty) and can be purchased for $900, complete. I found the item from several sources via the internet.

I believe that it is a great thing to build a mikveh. I believe that anyone who can, should build one and open it to any Jew and use it to promote our family laws.

In the Arab countries from which our families are from, it was never safe for a woman to go out at night and every courtyard had a well in which the women (and men) did tevila.

I don't see changing the "establishment" or even fighting with it.

Meanwhile for a quarter of the price of a Euro custom sheital a person can build a mikveh and encourage women to use it and keep our Laws.

Sounds chic?
Reply:  ...to me it sounds great! Let's boycott the Mikvah ladies and each build our own Mikveh.

Very exciting! This could resolve alot of problems. We are going to look into this. I have some sources in plumbing supplies. Thanx

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