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Author:  Shlomo
Date:  6/28/2004 9:32:00 PM
Subject:  Mikveh
Message:  I am not a kiruv professional but I am helping 2 couples who are becoming more religious. I don't think any of them will go to the mikveh (at least at this time). The concept of being looked over by a strange woman is too foreign for them. But they will go to the pool (they told me so). Is the local JCC pool OK? What could make a pool pasul? This is a real shaat ha-dechak.
Reply:  Each pool would have to be dealt with on an individual basis. We will soon put together a short method to know if your pool is good. Until then please contact us directly. (chaima@aol.com or 732-496-8360)
If a person is on vacation or just too far from a Mikva, they can possibly use a lake, brook, ocean or river etc. (it will depend on the case). My point being, there are other choices besides the Mikva. We have dealt with this issue many times. It is a shame that some Mikva ladies, don't realize what responsibility they have, when they turn people away. I was personally involved with someone who bought a very big tub exactly according to my father's requirements.
There are some mikvaos that will allow a husband or friend to come at a separate later time, instead of the Mikva lady. A Mikva is usually a community institution and not run by any specific person. The job of a Mikva lady, contrary to popular opinion, is to make sure the hair goes under the water. If a question arises, it should get forwarded to the person's Rov! Every person is not required to follow the Rov of the Mikva lady.

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