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Author:  adam
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Date:  6/28/2004 4:23:00 PM
Subject:  last ting on woman and tefilah(maariv)
Message:  I am not trying to make any diyukim. The mishnah berurah says straight out that it is not the practice of woman to daven maariv. The mishnah berurah does not say this is a wrong practice. What i am saying is if the mishnah berurah meant it was a wrong practice he would say that, like the mishnah berurah usually does.
Reply:  You are making a Diyuk. It is an incorrect Diyuk. You clearly need more time on the Ligmor, before you get to the Lisvor.

The terminology used by the Mishneh Berurah matches exactly to the way it is presented in the Sugya of "Tefilat Arvit Reshut." However in that Sugya it is very clear and there is no argument that Reshut just means Mitzvah verses Chovah. And one should not skip it without a good reason.
Look it up.

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