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Author:  Jeff
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Date:  6/27/2004 8:24:00 PM
Subject:  Heresy
Message:  Regarding Yeshivat Chovevei Torah - the institution founded by Rabbi Avi Weiss and Rabbi Dov Linzer - I think that your previous questioner should check his or her sources before defaming two rabbis and an entire Yeshiva's worth of students.

While it is true the Halakha is studied b'iyun at YCT - this year the guys were learning Niddah so many copies of Or Yitzchak were being passed around - it is not true that Marc Shapiro's book is anywhere near a "bible." At YCT, machshava is also studied in depth so in order to understand the Rambam's ikarim one must also appreciate those cases in which rishonim disagreed. For that reason, Marc Shapiro's books is a valuable piece of research.

With that in mind, alow me to ask a machshava question. Given that the Rambam's ikarim seem to have taken hold in the Orthodox Jewish Community - ie. yigdal and ani maamin - how would you relate to someone who perhaps sided with Ralbag or Albo on issues of theology, against Rambam? Would you, as Ramabam himself presumably would, categorize this person as a kofer b'ikar if they had a respectable rishon upon whom to rely?
Reply:  I appreciate your response to this issue. I posted it in order to get the other side.

In regards to the theological issue, I believe in the concept that we don't have the proper tools to study such issues in depth with the open-mindedness necessary to make real decisions.

We know there is a God. We know that he gave us a Torah to follow, with a whole set of laws. When you finished the study of all the laws 100%, then call me to discuss these issues. It is a dangerous thing to delve into an issue without the proper strengths...

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