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Author:  Ben
E-mail:  not available
Date:  6/24/2004 7:46:00 PM
Subject:  re: Bracha-need to wear a kiapa?
Message:  No my jewish boss is not religious. What does the Rav suggest i do at times such as lunch when i want to make a bracha on my sandwiches aswell as birkat hamazon?
Reply:  Very typical. for a non-religious Jew. You are in a tough spot. Your boss is probably so afraid of his guilty conscience, that he will not allow you to wear kipa. A Gentile would usually allow it. I had a friend who worked for Merril Lynch. He was once asked by his boss (a priest) where are the yarmulkas?
Does your boss have a no hat policy? If not, you can possibly sue him, for not allowing to wear your Kipa at work. Call the Agudath Israel Legal Division office, for more direction at 212-797-9000.
Meanwhile you should cover your head with your shirt sleeve or something else when you make the bracha, just not your own skin.

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