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Author:  NR
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Date:  6/24/2004 7:37:00 AM
Subject:  Expensive Custom Shaitels
Message:  CAN ANYONE OUT THERE PLEASE ENLIGHTEN ME ABOUT THE FOLLOWING: People who complain about the extravagant shaitels, (that can last for many years), are very often the same ones who don't think twice about spending thousands of dollars on things that are just TEMPORARY. Some examples would be, traveling abroad for simchos, vacations, camp, bungalows, lavish simchos, etc.

I'm not advocating buying "real customs", if someone could do well with a cheaper one, wonderful! But before someone looks down on the expensive shaitels, let them stop for a minute and think what are THEY spending on that’s here today and gone tomorrow. (No pun intended)

I have a daughter who is married 16 years, and I have spent approximately $5000 for her on two customs made from scratch, one when she got married, (which she still wears) and a second one a few years ago. That comes out right now to about $312 a year....

Reply:  Everyone is entitled to their own set of priorities. I don't think we can look down on any one person based on his expensive expenditures. Very often, a person has a specific, legitimate reason for that expense. (obviously with the Rov's decision)

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