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Author:  adam
E-mail:  not available
Date:  6/23/2004 6:53:00 PM
Subject:  loshon harah
Message:  "At times one can say good things about another, in order to lead to others to begin saying bad things about that person. This is also not permitted."
Can you explain this more clearly. What good things can you not say about a person, and also to say good things that are not permitted, is that only in front of 3 or less people.
Reply:  This is called "AVAK Lashon Harah." It is a scenario where Mr. A. is sitting in a bull-session where people are having a good time talking about this and that. Mr. A. doesn't speak Lashon Harah, but he would love to get out the juicy story of Osher Joseph (AKA O.J.) who has a pretty messy past, that others don't know about except for one other guy in the room. Mr. A. knows that the other guy will have no qualms about presenting the Loshon Harah.

Mr. A. in his righteousness says to the audience, "You know who I've been seeing every morning praying so wonderfully and studying each morning for two hours? Osher Joseph. I'm really impressed with him."

"Other guy" takes the bait and jumps in, "Oh yeah?! You don't know the half of it!....."

...and out comes the Lashon Harah, on the deliberate scheme of Mr. A.

Mr. A., you are gonna fry for this....


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