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Author:  Insider Trader
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Date:  6/21/2004 6:23:00 PM
Subject:  Shaitels
Message:  I am also wondering what Mrs. Dunner wears on her head.

All I am seeing as an outcome of all of this sheital nonsense is that now every woman insists that she MUST have one of the most expensive Russian or Hungarian blond customs because they are the only ones that are certified European hair from the time of the cutting. And of course everyone wants to be makpid on this.

This means is $1800 and up for an average wig. Of course if you are a dark brown colour or darker, there is not a European wig for you.

I am not seeing any end to this craziness and rather than inspiring more tznius, I am seeing some women uncovering their hair (and the ponytail and baseball cap crowd falls in that category) while others are just spending thousands more on "certified" wigs.

What has been eliminated is the ability for a normal middle class, dark haired Jewish woman to cover her hair in a dignified and attractive manner for hundreds instead of thousands of dollars.

Now the only choices are the most expensive European customs and the cheapest synthetics.

I am personally finding this whole thing very discouraging and don't see any end or relief in sight.

Thank you for being the voice of sense and reason through all of this insanity.

Reply:  Just one correction: Shaitels are going in the $4,000's already.

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